Jo Niklaus


Born in 1941 in Münsterberg / Schlesien
Apprenticeship in administration
then change to a graphic-printing-firm
1957 – 1965 evening-classes in drawing
1966 married to Hans Niklaus, painter of
Surrealism and Trompe-l´œil
from 1975 Kopying in several Museums
to improve my technic and to work like
Old Masters

I never worked in Main-Stream-Art, started with still life, changed to portraits and Trompe-l´œil and finally to phantastic realism.
A special “baby” of mine are reflexions of Albrecht Dürer, that means I give an engraving or a painting a new shape and a new meaning. Over the years there are now 22 interpretations.

Main Exhibitions
2005 Dürerhaus Nürnberg
2007 Fembohaus Nürnberg
2011 Palais Palffy, Wien
2012 City Galerie Schwabach
2013 Trierenberg Art, Traun
2016 Theater Fürth
2019 Galerie Scharmüller, Fornach

2009 in “Lexikon of Phantastic Artists”
2011 one painting in “PhantastenMuseumWien”